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Earth Day and Choosing Environmentally Friendly Print for Your Business on Earth Day and Beyond!

Kool Change Printing is committed to building a sustainable future, and this Earth Day, we're proud to share some of the eco-friendly practices we've implemented in our shop. From our materials to our processes, we prioritize reducing waste, reusing resources, and using green products whenever possible.

Child's Hands with new plant start

We are dedicated to protecting the environment and being a leader in our community. Our efforts include using soy-based pantone inks for our offset press, which contain less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are derived from renewable resources.

Additionally, we use low VOC solvents in our presses.

Our Konica Minolta and Ricoh digital presses meet the Energy Star Program requirements and are recognized for their commitment to environmental conservation. The Ricoh digital press achieved Gold status for imaging equipment products in the EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program.

We also take steps to minimize waste by preflighting all print documents and maximizing paper use through multi-upping. Plus, we recycle our setup and scrap materials, and we stock and have access to a wide array of environmentally friendly paper options.

Kids painting recycling symbol

At Kool Change Printing, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and we will continue to explore new ways to be sustainable and responsible business owners. Join us in celebrating Earth Day by choosing eco-friendly products and practices in your own life!

To place an order you can use our new direct to press ordering system which reduces paperwork in our shop to get you what you need without additional waste.

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